Working abroad

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to work int he United Kingdom!

  • We follow up the whole procedure of finding a position, we help and train you (involving professional HR experts, psychologists, language teachers and other contact person) for being able to get and keep the desired position and scope of activities together with being able to adapt efficiently other EU countries culture

Our aim is,

to help you in finding a position in hosting and catering industry, which is appropriate for your capabilites and ensures the opportunity

  • to develope your English knowledge,
  • to have legal, official labor relations,
  • to optimize your career pespectives,
  • work experience program for students,
  • and last but not least earning money

Our offer:

  • Certain of positions in hotels, pensions, catering units with the assistance of reliable English companies in the whole area of the United Kingdom
  • We choose a position which is appropriate for the candidate’s capabilities. This guarantees that the employee’s capabilities will correspond with the employer’s demands, so the applicant will not receive a rejection after he/she had travelled abroad to find a placement.
  • The applicants already get their pre-contract about their placment in Hungary, which contains the content of the work contract going to be signed in the U.K. The final contracting takes place after the applicant’s arrival to the host company at the U.K., afterwards the applicants can start their work immediately in legal circumstances.
  • National minimum wage is guaranteed, the applicants have to pay tax according to the laws of the United Kingdom. The applicants have legal right to stay int he U.K during the employment and have the same rights as the English employees.
  • Traineeship opportunity for chefs with qualification or relevant work experience
  • We provide accomodation or assistance in finding an accomodation, if needed.

Why should you choose us?

  • We have good relationships with English companies who deal with placing foreign workers.
  • Our English partners have more years practice in employing and outsourcing foreign labour.
  • Our company and our colleagues have more than 10 years experience in human resources recruitment, selection, placement as well as in consultancy and development in Hungary and abroad equally.

Our programme fee for finding a certain position in England is:

  • 300 GBP - Sending the application form to the Recruiment Company in the U.K. The Recruitment Company will add your application to their database and a host company will choose you on the basis of your CV.
  • The placement offer arrives from the Recruitment Company.
  • 300 GBP – After travelling to the U.K. and starting work. This last amount of the fee can be paid after receiving the first wage.

English knowledge is required – at least intermediate level.

If your level of English is lower than intermediate, take part in a preferential priced language course in England with the assistance of our language school partner!

With participating a language course, you have the opportunity:

  • to improve your English knowledge – using the language in an environment where English is spoken,
  • to stay as paying guests in private homes in order to practice English continually,
  • to be well-prepared for a language exam,
  • to participate in different kind of socail activities in or outside the school,
  • to spend blissfull weeks in England

If our offer for work or for language course opportunities piqued your interest and you would like to apply, please send your CV to

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about working or learning abroad, if you would like to have more information about the placement and language course opportunities or the process of administration.

Lilla Pintér
00 36 20 489 39 00