Outsourcing is a special, complex HR service of our company. We make the defined activities as a subcontractor at your site, under your professional control. At the same time our company ensures human resources management for the workers being outsourced by us. The company of ours pays the employees’ wages, providing motivated, learned and professionally commited staff, who will make all the defined activities to the best of their abilities.

Why is it advantageous to you?

  • Because you can delegate the specialized knowledge needed activites to a professional team
  • Because you can test the new models, organizational restructuring plans on an external company
  • Because the work of the unit can be measured separate
  • Because the subcontractor unit is a kind of test which helps you to decide if you need to have a division for the mentioned activity or not
  • Because high flexibility is ensured
  • Because it is transparent and independent from the inner mechanisms of your organization, in this way it is an appropriate method for the initiation of new policies

When is it rewarding to requisition?

  • Before the start of a new manufacturer plant as a test plant
  • In case of headcount reinforcement and reorganization
  • For project works, seasonal works, temporary headcount reinforcement
  • Before headcount reinforcement, at the modeling period before the initiation of group training and reorganization